About us


N Pahilwani & Associates a full service Chartered Accountants firm providing a full spectrum of services in Audit & Assurance, Income tax, Goods & Service Tax (GST), Finance & Capital Advisory, Consulting, and Startup Advisory.

Change is the only constant in today’s dynamic marketplace and we strive to bring effective and meaningful solutions for this changing business environment. We constantly seek ways to improve our Services, Process and Delivery Systems to serve you better.

Our team works with multiple industries and varied sectors – from small business enterprise to business with multiple verticals, from manufacturing to transport and pharma to NBFC’s industry. With our deep knowledge, insights, and wealth of experience, we take the complexity out of situations and provide you with innovative solutions

At N Pahilwani & Associates we endeavor to understand your needs and enable your vision into a reality.

Our vision

To be the trusted advisor & valued assets for clients. Create an enduring institution which will have a positive impact on business and society.

Become a thought leader in the area of firms services.

Our mission

Doing the best of work and maintaining the best of relationship with our people and clients.

Creating intellectual knowledge environment where implicit and explicit knowledge shared with intended users and delivery of excellent client services.

Provide a place for high-caliber, talented, committed people and ethical people who will be active participants in the expression of the firm’s personality and supported by sustainable economics.

Serve our client relentlessly with total dedication, commitment, continuous evolve to add value to the clients business by adhering to service delivery framework, support and sharing knowledge.

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Relationship
  • Independence
  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence

Our culture

Everything evolves steadily and gradually
Idea Meritocracy
The environment where the best idea wins.
Valuing everyone’s contribution.
A decision should be based on facts and objectively considered.


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